Coaches Corner

Coach’s Corner:

Richard has a daily email ministry that was started nine years ago when he retired from full time teaching. It is called Quick Thoughts. He refers to it as his experiences, insights, comments and ramblings (all based on God’s Word).

He has had several nicknames over the years but now, for the most part, would rather be known as Coach after 40 years of doing just that. He has been married to his wife Nancy for 43 years and has three daughter, six granddaughters and two grandsons.

An Excerpt from Coaches e-mail ministry

When I was a young professional baseball player, I too lived to gratify my flesh. I thought I didn’t need God and those that did just wanted a crutch to get them through life. At that time of my life it felt to me like I was living a dream because I was a college graduate with a degree from a prestigious university (UC Santa Barbara) and then was getting paid to play the game I loved; this along with signing autographs and carousing to all hours of the morning. What could be better than this I thought? Then one night during my second season it did all change and it was not only better but the best; better than I could have ever imagined. Many of you know the story.

After talking to my roommate Jimmy Fuller, who had always been a wonderful witness for his Christian faith, I said sarcastically “Jimmy if I become a Christian is that going to make me a better player?” His response was “I don’t know Rich but it will sure change your attitude.” My attitude at the time was increasingly mad, sad and depressed for a variety of reasons. Besides breaking up with my girlfriend on the west coast, I was in a slump and thought I was going to get released by the Orioles’ organization; this was commonly referred to by us players as getting your pink slip.

Very late that night I prayed the simple agnostic’s prayer from a sincere heart saying “God if you’re there I’d like to know” and then going to bed feeling kind of foolish for doing it. Two days later, instead of getting released, I move up to a higher league (Double-A) to play for the Dallas Spurs and their manager Cal Ripken Sr. and in no way did I connect this with my prayer….

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