Spotlight on Ministry June 2016

Spotlight on Ministry June 2016: Doulos Class

There are many interesting ministries at RBC, a ministry like Doulos? Well, it’s one reason why we stand out as a body at RBC.

Spotlight on ministry talked with Howie Klein about The Doulos Class. Here is what he has to say:

What is your Doulos ministry about?

The word Doulos means slave, one who gives himself up to another’s will. Those who service is used by Christ in extending and advancing His cause among men. A Doulos is a person devoted to another to the disregard of their own interests.

The Doulos Class started as a small Sunday School class, which met for Bible Study during the 9:30 hour with just a small group of people (8-12) routinely attending. Over time, we added fellowship and topical studies on Sunday nights in the Winter/Spring if there was interest.

Over the years participation has grown and the class has numbered over 50 people on some Sundays typically though about 35-40 people attend any given Sunday. Our emphasis is verse by verse Bible study and discussion after we spend time in prayer for any issue/person which is brought up.

In summary, we are about Glorifying God by studying and knowing His Word then looking for opportunities to apply it in our circles of influence.

What calls you to this kind of ministry?

The Lord calls us to be obedient and to use the gifts He has given for work in His Kingdom. My personal application is to keep tearing down the idol to self I am so quick to start building. A good way to slow down progress on my self-idolization process is to spend my time, effort, and energy in service to others. It takes the focus of of me and redirects it to others and Him.

Our project focus is those in need (widows/orphans) but have included single-moms and families in need as we become aware of it and think we may be able to assist in this way.

What projects have you accomplished?

The class has benefited from the experience of another member and imitated the “Home Make-Over” model you may have seen on television. We don’t have the budget but we do have amazing workers and resources which God has provided now for five completely different projects.

We have been able to help a family where the mother had mobility issues and wasn’t able to get around safely because of the different flooring surfaces in the home. We tore out the carpet and existing flooring and laid hardwood floor throughout the first floor. We also were able to do a lot of ‘honey-do” items which had fallen behind including painting, light repairs, etc.

We helped a widow who has two younger sons by replacing her fence, finishing out her backyard, converting an office into a 3rd bedroom so both boys could have their own room, and a wide variety of repairs.

The third project was for a single-mom who also had a “lot of past due” repairs which she wasn’t able to complete on her own or couldn’t afford to have done by others. Again we did flooring, plumbing, landscaping, welding and fencing of an upstairs balcony, painting, lighting, and moved a lot of furniture which she was hoping to sell.

Project 4 was a roof replacement for a family who simply didn’t have the funds to pay for it. The group stripped the roof one week-end and then purchased the materials for installation the following week. In addition, the group replaced doors, windows, painted, finished off a room in the garage, did a great deal of fire abatement work, grading of the property, and general clean-up.

The most recent project was for a single mom and included a transition of the front and side yards from grass to Xeriscape including new drought friendly plants, painting nearly every room in the house, new flooring in one room, replacement of kitchen counters, new shelving in the garage, and general repairs and clean-up of the home.

In between, we have helped people within the class and others with moving, smaller repairs, as well as take on some of the recent on campus projects including staining and finishing the decking (and interior painting) of the modular units on campus.

Please know, these projects have involved many from RBC, not just Doulos class members and even a a few who aren’t members/believers but simply acquaintances of the people involved. We have also benefitted from the financial and material support of RBC Elder Care Fund, individual contributors, Sherwin Williams, Lowes, and for the roofing project Jason Criqui roofing (donated all the labor to install the shingles). The bottom line this is a ministry which has enjoyed a wide range of support which has allowed it to be successful.

We are considering how to work with the Missions Team and do work outside of the RBC family. The project would be for Tribes4Christ this summer. Since we just finished a project it will take a little while to plan whether or not we can take the show on the road and assist these people in need (Tribes4Christ has 7 projects they would like help with this summer). If we can get the right resources lined up RBC could knock out several of the projects in a 48 hour period.

What would you say to a person looking to get involved in a ministry?

Stop looking and start doing. I heard a sermon once that God uses people who are already showing obedience and doing something. Waiting on the perfect situation/circumstance may be about personal convenience and a hindrance to obedience. God doesn’t need us but He wants us to be obedient servants. Not being involved in the support and advancement of God’s Kingdom is disobedience to Him. Not a place any God Fearing person should willfully choose to be.

Are there any requirements to your ministry?

Be willing to serve…

My friends, is this not the kind of love we are called for as believers?
We look to others to see greatness, however greatness lives within all believers. His name is The Holy Spirit. We all need to slow down our lives and hear Him speak to us. So what ministry is good for you? I can’t answer that, but I can tell you that if you ask with a willing heart the Holy Spirit will guide you to it. So as you consider the Doulos Class or any other ministry to serve in I leave you with this…

Hebrews 10:24

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,

May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, see you at church.