Spotlight On Ministry Jan 2016

Spotlight on Ministry will take a look at AWANA, and the men serving. AWANA (approved workmen are not ashamed) takes place on Wednesday nights at RBC. This is a safe program in which kids pre-school to 5th grade can hear the gospel, and learn scripture for everyday life.

We asked the men leaders about why they choose to serve in this ministry.

Kurt Wise (director of Sparks) says “I believe that a man serving in a program like AWANA gives the children a fatherly figure they can look up to, as a Godly example in their lives.” Kurt went on to say that he grew up in AWANA, and wants to pass that legacy to future generations.

Sean Thornton directs Truth in Training or T&T, he tells us that he loves the kids and loves seeing them learn scripture. Sean has been with RBC AWANA for a number of years and is very dedicated to Truth in Training because of the kids.

We spoke with Chase Cornils and his role as a young leader, he says ” I picked Awana because I wanted to help serve with the youth at my church and kids need a good Godly example in their lives and someone to look up too. I wanted to be that for some kids, and help guide them to knowing and loving the Lord now, so they don’t fall and have to search later in life.”

We asked Chase how long he’s been serving and what would he say to men looking for a place to serve in ministry, he told us,
” I have served Awana for 3 1/2 years. I would say we need more men because we don’t know these kids family lives and what they are going through. They might need that good father figure in their life who is a Godly example. Normally it’s women who volunteer for Awana but we also need men to step up and help influence the lives of young kids.”

In a recent study for Mens Ministry we came across Psalm 127: 4-5
Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one’s youth. How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them;They will not be ashamed When they speak with their enemies in the gate.

“These verses emphasize the importance of children, of having them , and launching them well. Of course not everyone has children but you have to unpack these verses for everyday life. If your children are gone you should think of ways to invest in parents of young children. If you are a young single guy there is no better time to start thinking about this. If you can think now about how you want to approach your children, it will change the way you plan your career, your dreams, the way you date, and the way you approach marriage.” (Stepping up a call to courageous manhood)

Would you like to know more about serving in AWANA? We need men to step out in faith and give some love to the little ones. We need you here, if not you, then who? Pray about making a difference, and building a lasting legacy for RBC in AWANA.

Contact Pastor Nathan, or an AWANA leader for ways you can invest in the lives of the kids.