Spotlight on Ministry Dec 2015

Spotlight on ministry asked Al Gilbertson to share about the meals ministry of RBC.

Al shared, “The desire of this ministry is to glorify God by exercising our gifts of mercy, hospitality and compassion. One of the neat things about Christ’s body is that it is designed to help, and be helped by its members.”

We asked Al to share what the ministry specifically does for the body at RBC.

He told us, “When we’re struggling, we want to know that someone cares. When a person is experiencing loss, illness, hardship, stress, it’s a great opportunity to show them that we, their brother in Christ, recognize their need, we care, and we’re taking action. One of the simple ways to bless people is to provide meals.”

The RBC Meal Ministry is made up of people who are willing to cook (or order take out) and deliver meals to those who need them. Recipients can expect to receive meals that mean less shopping, cooking, and cleaning for them at a difficult time. Usually recipients are people within RBC who have experienced one of the following:
The birth of a child
The death of a family member
Illness, hospitalization, rehab
The loss of a job
Any situation where a delivered meal might provide relief.

To find out more about this ministry and how you can get involved, or if you know of someone who could use some help, please let us know.

Contact one of the pastors, OR Al and Laura Gilbertson